Website Project Management

Dream Outloud Films

Website preliminary work and foundation designer, 2014

My role for this build was as a preliminary foundation developer and media designer. I worked with the client to organize many archive pages, chose the best WordPress template for the job, designed banners and additional media and fleshed out many ideas with client.

OC Food Access website build

project and content manager, 2013

My role in this website build was to gather the content (copy and media) and the visual and functionality desires from the client and work with the engineer to develop the client’s vision. This site was built off of a WordPress template foundation that we edited and added to to fit the client’s needs.

Alex Wurman website build

project manager, 2011

My role for this build was project manager. I managed a small team consisting of a designer (logo design etc.), content developer, engineer and was point of contact for the client. This site was built on a previously personalized WordPress site with the addition of many functionality edits.

Memphis at the Santora – Events Pages

Content Developer and Designer, 2012

The role I played for this section of the website build (as the Special Events Coordinator for Memphis Santora) was to analyze the current Events and Large Party system that the Santa Ana Memphis location was currently using and translate that into a user-friendly online experience for customers and for staff. First I streamlined the Catering menu into a 3 tier system of pre fix menus and upgrades that could be applied to the various rooms that the facility offered. Next I built out the web pages so that a customer could customize the party they wanted directly through the website and book their party and place their order online. *Please note that the Memphis Santora location was sold in 2014 and these web pages no longer exist.

Majestic Landscaping Inc  website build

developer, 2011

My role in this website build was as developer. I inputted the content (copy and media) and edited the code of the template at the producer’s request. This site was built upon a WordPress template with few modifications. *Please note that since 2011 this site has been updated by the client.

OC Breastfeeding Coalition website build

designer & developer, 2011

My role on this build was both designer (of logo banners and buttons) as well as developer. This is a simple website utilizing much of the original WordPress template options.