Video Production & Editing

Editing and Production

Introduction to Piece of My Heart Productions

Joys and Trials… Breastfeeding, Natural Childbirth and the Importance of Support

Feeding Cues

The Milky Way (Bottled Up) “Sizzle”

Editor/Producer, 2011

On this project I played several roles. I helped with the original storyline and storyboarding and produced various shoots and projects within the overall project. Primarily I was the structural editor, choosing and putting into place all the assets (both video and audio) needed to go along with the narrative.

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Piece of My Heart Productions (early The Milky Way pitch videos)

Producer/Editor, 2009

In the early days of The Milky May movie project the production company, Piece of My Heart Productions, made a DVD with several short videos on it that was sold, given out as a pitch and posted to YouTube so as to gather support around the development of the full length documentary. My role was multi-hyphanated – I was the producer, camera-woman, copywriter, music coordinator, voice over editor and I produced the DVD packaging. The project was successful and now the full length documentary is now available for purchase on iTunes and other platforms.

Vlogs etc.

NEWburbia Credits – For MDMFA thesis project, 2010 advertisement for, 2009

Israel Nash – Unboxing for Topspin Media Blog, 2013

Raumlabor Space Buster and Generator at Idea Festival 2011 NYC for GM Street Team facebook post, 2011

TortillaLand “How To” for Blog, 2012

Various Vlogs

Editor/Producer, 2008-Present

Vlogs and short videos are a fun way to tell a quick story visually. I enjoy shooting and editing these!